Akka+Scala: Deploying an actor remotely

In my use case, I have a variable number of independent ActorSystems. As a new system starts up, it initiates a simple Syn/Ack procedure with the command and control system, allowing the C&C to deploy remote actors. Just for fun, here is some example code. Lets start with our remote system:
object Remote extends App{
 val system = ActorSystem("RemoteSystem",
 val connStr = "akka://CommandSystem@<ip>:2555/user/CommandActor"
 val cnc = system.actorFor(connStr)
 val synActor = system.actorOf(Props[SynActor])

class SynActor extends Actor{
 override def preStart = {
  //Send the syn

  Remote.cnc ! new Syn
 def receive = {
  case a:Ack => //

Some shared classes:
case class Syn()
case class Ack()
Now the Command and Control system and the actual code you want run remotely:
object Command extends App{
 val system = ActorSystem("CommandSystem",
 val cncActor = system.actorOf(Props[CommandActor])

class CommandActor extends Actor {
 def receive = {
  case s:Syn =>
   //Respond for politeness

   sender ! new Ack   
   //Get the remote actorsystem path

   val addr = AddressFromURIString(sender.path.root.toString)  
   //Push the actor to the remote system

   val remoteActor = context.actorOf((Props[RemoteActor]).withDeploy(
     Deploy(scope = RemoteScope(addr)))) 

class RemoteActor extends Actor {
 //Where you put your remote code implementation

From here, you can handle management of remote actors in whichever way you want. Fun stuff!