AeroFS on Linux

AeroFS is a pretty cool (unfortunately not open-source) tool for synchronizing data across your machines. I did bump up against a couple minor issues however which I thought I'd post the solution for. First off if you run Debian, AeroFS provides a .deb which can just be installed, on Arch there is an AUR package which, at the time of this writing, is out of date and does not install correctly. So if you arent running a Debian derivative you'll need to install the .tgz version. Other than that there is very little to know. The main problem I ran into was that when I ran aerofs (or aerofs-cli, from the commandline) it barfed out this useful gem of a message:
ERROR: Sorry, AeroFS couldn't launch. Please contact us at
Exit code 127.
After some fiddling, I noticed they are using Java under the hood and seeing as how they most likely compiled their code with the standard Oracle Java JDK, my default setup OpenJDK from the Arch repository was probably causing problems (I've had problems before with compatibility with OpenJDK). So I uninstalled the OpenJDK and OpenJRE packages and downloaded the latest Oracle JRE. After unpacking it to where I wanted (in this case /opt), I unpacked it and added the following lines to my .bash_profile.
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/my_jre_version/bin/
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/my_jre_version/
After logging out and back in (or running 'source .bash_profile') AeroFS fires up happily.